Abandoning FGM on FM – 2010

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Abandoning FGM/C on FM! is a program implemented by AIDOS, Italian Association for Women in Development, in partnership with Audiodoc, an association of independent audio documentaries producers, AMWIK, Association of Meda Women in Kenya, and TAMWA, Tanzania Media Women Association. The program is supported by the UNFPA-UNICEF Joint Program on FGM/C.A workshop for 16 radio producers and NGO communication officers from Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia was carried betwen the 27th of September and the 1st of October 2010. The workshop addressed the changing aspects of FGM/C and the reasons for its persistance vs. the reasons for its abandonment, and the technical skills for interviewing, sound recording and sound editing for producing an audio documentary on FGM/C.
The first audiodocumentary is titled “Okuaroka na Amurata”. Okuaroka is the Kisii word for FGM/C, while Amurata is the Maasai word for the practice. The 12 minutes audio-documentary tells the story of how women among the Kisii and Maasai communities faced the cut. Victims are telling their painful experiences after undergoing circumcision and how they succumbed to the demands of tradition.
The audio documentary “Wanatahiriwa wapi” airs the views of men who have lived with and witnessed the suffering of cut girls/women. The programme collects varied views on how FGM/C has been done in the Kisii and Maasai communities and their realization that the practise is harmful.
Then there are two advertisements for the STOPN FGM/C campaign and the original song composed for the documentary by the Korogocho band Hope Raisers

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